This 12-pack of rechargeable AA batteries are 60% off at Woot!

AmazonsBasics AA batteries being inserted into a game controller.

Many tech lovers will have all sorts of devices laying around the house, and whether you prefer the best small tech gadgets or some lesser known tech toys, it’s always good to have some spare batteries on hand. Among the best rechargeable batteries are the Amazon Basics AA batteries, and right now you can get a 12-pack discounted to just $12 at Woot!. This is a savings of $18 and a pretty impressive discount, as this 12-pack is regularly priced at $30. They come with a 1-year Amazon Basics limited warranty.

Why you should buy the Amazon Basics AA battery 12-pack

Tech can take a lot of different forms these days, from toys to TV remotes to lights to fitness equipment. All of those gadgets need a way to be powered, and some good rechargeable batteries are a great way to do so. And really, you can never have enough rechargeable batteries around the house. The Amazon Basics AA rechargeable batteries are among the best rechargeable battery options. They offer reliable performance for professional and everyday use, but they also offer longevity. The Amazon Basics AA rechargeable batteries cane be recharged up to 400 times with minimal power loss, so you can run them dry over rand over again and they’ll still be ready for a recharge.

It’s a pretty common belief that rechargeable batteries don’t always hold the strongest charge, but these batteries are high capacity compatible, which means they’re at their best when charger high power continuous items like game controllers and wireless devices. They don’t often require charging up, as they’re able to maintain a 50% capacity for one year. This means you could charge them all up at once and they’ll still be ready for use if it takes some time before you need to put them to use. This also makes them idea for household appliances or to use while traveling.

The Amazon Basics AA rechargeable batteries should be at the top of everyone’s AA list. This 12-pack is going for just $12 at Woot!, which makes them affordable enough to buy a couple and tuck them away in a drawer for when you need them. This deal is worth a saving of $18, as a 12-pack regularly costs $30, and a 1-year Amazon Basics limited warranty is included.

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