This 48-inch LG OLED 4K TV is discounted from $1300 to $550

The LG A2 placed in a living room environment.

Going for a TV with an OLED panel is one of the better upgrades you can do for your home theater system, and while they do tend to be quite expensive, there are some great deals and budget-oriented TVs you can take advantage of. For example, while the LG A2 Series is the lower-end version of the excellent LG C2 series, it’s still a great TV in its own right. In fact, you can get an OLED TV for even cheaper with this deal from Best Buy, which takes the usual $1,300 price tag of the LG A2 Series and slashes it down massively to just $550. That’s a whopping $750 discount and puts a great OLED TV into a more achievable price range.

Why you should buy the LG 48-inch A2 Series OLED 4K TV

Besides just having a great OLED panel from one of the few companies that make the panels, the LG A2 Series has a couple of more features that make it an excellent TV. For example, it supports HDR10, but, more importantly, if you’re a sports fan, you also get HLG HDR. That means you can get the same contrast and image quality as you would when watching films or shows, at least if you watch through a broadcaster that supports and uses the HLG standard. That said, the base refresh rate is only 60Hz, so it won’t work as well for action-packed content like a 120Hz refresh rate TV would. That said, it’s not a deal breaker, and it’s a surprisingly great refresh rate for console gaming, such as with the Xbox Series S or games on the Series X and PlayStation 5 that don’t go over 60Hz, which is most of them.

The whole TV runs on LG’s own webOS smart TV platform, which isn’t as widely known but is still just as good as Roku or Google TV, and you can expect to find all your favorite streaming apps there without an issue. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it supports Apple HomeKit for those in the Apple ecosystem, so at least everybody gets a bit of coverage. There are also a couple more features that are nice to have that you may not necessarily use, such as the AI Picture Pro 4K upscaler, cloud gaming through GeForce Now, and better audio through WiSA.

Overall, even though the LG A2 series isn’t one of LG’s premium products, it’s still an excellent high-end TV that’s an absolute steal with Best Buy’s deal bringing it down to $550. That said, it’s always worth looking at some other great OLED TV deals or our roundup of general TV deals that may not include OLED TVs.

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