The $5 indie hit Vampire Survivors is about to get even better

A woman plays Vampire Survivors on a Steam Deck.
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Indie hit Vampire Survivors is expanding with a new mode called Adventures. Coming soon to all platforms, the addition will bring a mini-story mode that will be free to all players.

Vampire Survivors was a breakout hit in 2022, earning several awards for its minimalistic action gameplay that’s already inspired a new genre. Since then, developer Poncle has continued to support the game with new content. Adventures might be its most ambitious update yet, adding an entirely new mode.

In an FAQ, Poncle describes Adventures as a mini-story mode where players control specific characters through missions that have their own objectives and win conditions. The gameplay seems to be the same as a normal round of Vampire Survivors, but with custom rules in each mission, lore, and unique progression hooks. It’ll also feature an ascension system, which will add more rewards on subsequent playthroughs. All story missions are playable in co-op.

Adventures is set to launch on Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android soon and will be a free update. Poncle notes that a few Adventure missions are tied to the base game’s DLCs, so players will need to pick those up if they want to play them all. The mode will launch with two free missions and one DLC adventure.

Of course, the most pressing question is whether or not the update will feature vampires, which do not appear in the game despite its titles. Poncle confirms how many you can expect to see in Adventures: “At least as many as in the main game, if not more.”

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