Samsung’s 50-inch Frame TV just crashed under $1,000

Samsung's 65-inch Class 'The Frame' QLED 4K Smart TV displaying a famous oil painting.

Walmart has one of the best TV deals for anyone who wants a stylish TV in every way. Right now, you can buy the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV for $999 saving you $298 off the regular price of $1,297. An effortlessly stylish TV that looks great in your living room, it also offers a great experience when watching a movie. Here’s everything else you need to know before you hit the buy button which we strongly recommend doing.

Why you should buy the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV

Samsung often makes some of the best TVs you can buy but it’s excelled itself with the uniqueness of the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV. While most TVs can be wall-mounted, this model has been designed specifically with wall mounting in mind. The idea is that the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV never steals focus in your stylish room. Instead, it blends in, acting as a picture frame when not in use. Via a motion sensor, it detects when you’re in the room and displays either artwork or your photos, depending on what you choose, feeling like a part of your aesthetic rather than a TV in your way.

Reinforcing why Samsung is one of the best TV brands, the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV has a QLED panel with its quantum dot-based display ensuring that picture quality is great. It can produce 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space so images look more realistic than with a regular 4K TV. Add on Quantum HDR support and you gain an expanded range of color and contrast with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

With a mixture of features, the Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV is easily one of the best QLED TVs for many living spaces. You can even swap out the bezel for something that best complements your home’s style with such frames being very slim and sleek.

The Samsung 50-inch The Frame QLED TV is that rare kind of TV — one that looks good to watch on but also looks good in your living room. It usually costs $1,297 but right now, you can buy it from Walmart for $999 making it a seriously tempting proposition. Tap the buy button below if you’re tempted to make a purchase.

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