Dyson alternative: Save $100 on Samsung’s Jet 75 cordless vacuum

Samsung Jet 75 cordless stick vacuum cleaning in multiple places in a kitchen.

If you’re tired of plugging and unplugging your vacuum for every individual room you have to clean, let us regale you with the wonders of a cordless vacuum. These convenient devices turn cleaning into a breeze in many different ways. Dyson is currently the king of the cordless vacuum, with their V series gaining popularity every day. We’re not here to hate on Dyson — they make great vacuums — but you pay the “Dyson tax” when you buy one. They are incredibly expensive, even with Dyson deals, and there are some great alternatives that will get the job done for a lot less. Today, Samsung has a $100 discount on the Jet 75, a great Dyson alternative that you will love. Let’s get into why you should buy this vacuum while it’s only $300 instead of its usual $400.

Why you should buy the Samsung Jet 75

The primary reason for buying a cordless vacuum is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about tangling the cord or finding a new outlet for every room. The battery in the Samsung Jet 75 will last for about an hour. We hope for your sake that you aren’t vacuuming for longer than that. Let’s also put the weird vacuum hose thing that never really worked that well behind us. When you need to vacuum spiderwebs out of the ceiling or get into the nooks and crannies of every individual stair step, the Samsung Jet 75 has simple attachments you can swap out and use just like you use the vacuum regularly. The Jet 75 only weighs six pounds, so you’ll be able to maneuver it into awkward places without straining yourself.

Of course, a vacuum is only good if it sucks. The Samsung Jet 75 has a 200W of suction power and a five-layer HEPA filtration system. It has several different modes including a powerful Jet mode that ups the suction. The cannister is easy to empty right into your trash can, and it’s easy to disassemble and clean when you want to start your next clean fresh.

Right now the Samsung’s cordless vacuum deals has a great discount on the Jet 75. You can grab it for just $300 instead of $400. This is already a great cheap alternative to a Dyson vacuum, but a nice $100 discount makes it even better.

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