Ring helps you find your lost furry friend with the Ring Pet Tag

Ring launched the Pet Profile feature in 2022, giving app users an easier way to help locate lost pets. Today, the company is doubling down on its pet-rescuing efforts with the reveal of the Ring Pet Tag — an affordable gadget designed to make it easier than ever to find your missing companion.

The Ring Pet Tag attaches to your pet’s collar and features a QR code on the back. When someone finds your pet and scans this QR code, you’ll get a notification that your lost companion has been found. And if you’ve set up a Pet Profile, the person who found your pet will get details about their health conditions so they can better watch them until you pick them up.

The Ring Pet Tag on a dog collar.

Best of all, your pet’s rescuer can contact you immediately via the Pet Profile if you’ve opted into the Contact Me portion of the Pet Profile. Of course, a traditional tag with your pet’s name and your phone number serves a similar purpose — but tying those details to a QR code should help with privacy concerns.

It’s also helpful to alert whoever found your pet to your animal’s health issues, which can’t be done with traditional tags.

A person looking at pet details using the Ring Pet Tag.

The Ring Pet Tag costs just $10 and goes on sale October 4 (though preorders are now open.

The $10 price tag makes them an affordable alternative to Bluetooth trackers like Apple AirTag or Tile Pro, though it’s important to note that the Pet Tags don’t feature any Bluetooth or GPS functionality. Instead, they’re simply meant to provide contact and health information through a QR code. Consider giving them a look if you’re already using Ring’s Pet Profile feature.

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