At $99, Walmart is practically giving away this robot vacuum

The iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum sucking up dirt on a wooden floor.

It’s hard to find robot vacuum deals cheaper than the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum that’s available at Walmart right now. It usually costs $199 but right now, you can buy it for just $99. A saving of 50% and a mere $99 for a robot vacuum? Pretty sweet, right? Let’s take a look at what to expect from it before you hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum

iHome isn’t a name you’ll see on our look at the best robot vacuums but this particular model holds a lot of promise. The iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum offers 2,000pa of strong suction power and 100 minutes of runtime. It’s smart enough to have mapping technology too so you can easily set it up to clean your floors, row by row, and by developing an efficient cleaning path so it won’t miss anywhere important.

Via the iHome app, you can schedule cleaning as well as view the cleaning path so you can see exactly what the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum is doing while you’re not around. Thanks to its three brush system and HEPA filter, it can cope with both carpets and hard floors ensuring it won’t miss debris along the way. It can cope with pet hair too with no hair wrap or any mess left behind.

It’s simple to use as well with the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum having one-touch controls to make it easier to use, while it has a drop sensor so you don’t have to worry about it falling downstairs. There’s also support for Google and Alexa so you can use voice commands instead of the app or on-device buttons. A slim build, the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum can tackle under tight spaces as well ensuring it matches with everything you could want when learning how to choose a robot vacuum. It’ll even return to base when it’s low on charge.

With all the core features you need from a robot vacuum, the iHome AutoVac Juno Robot Vacuum is a bargain at $99. Usually priced at $199, you’re saving $100 when you buy from Walmart today. It’s the ideal entry point for anyone keen to see how a robot vacuum can enhance their life.

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