What is the max level in Starfield?

No matter the type or setting of an RPG, leveling up and unlocking new skills is almost always the highlight. Each game handles earning XP and leveling differently, and since Starfield is a new IP from Bethesda, it functions slightly differently from their other big franchises like Elder Scrolls. But how different is the system, or more specifically, does it gate you off at any point from leveling up beyond a certain point? If you want to know what the level cap is in Starfield, here’s what we’ve discovered in our adventures through the cosmos.

What is the max level in Starfield?

A screenshot of a pilot in a spaceship in Starfield.
Bethesda Softworks

We’ve yet to hit any level cap in Starfield during all our time with the game. However, we can point to two possible caps, but more likely consider there to be no cap at this time. Should we hit a point where no more levels can be gained, we will update this article.

The first potential cap is level 100. We say this due to the fact that there is an achievement for reaching this milestone, confirming that you can at least hit this level. The second would be the minimum level you would need to unlock and fully upgrade all skills. When you add up all these numbers, you would need to hit around level 326 to max everything out. Considering you’re able to do this, provided you commit enough time, in every other major BGS game, we suspect you can do so here in Starfield. For that reason, we believe there is no true level cap, though leveling beyond 326 would have no great benefits to you.

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