1More gets into the open-ear earbuds race with the Fit S50 and S30

1More Fit with wirelessly-charging case.

Open-ear earbuds are becoming increasingly popular due to their main benefit: They let you hear the world around you and your music at the same time. And 1More is the latest company to announce a set of open-ear wireless earbuds, but unlike its competitors, 1More isn’t being shy — instead of testing the waters with one model, the company has released two. The 1More Fit S50 are its flagship model at $150, while the more affordable Fit SE S30 cost just $70. Both models are available starting September 7 on 1more.com and Amazon.

1More Fit S50

Woman wearing 1More Fit S50.
1More Fit S50 1More

Most open-ear earbuds rely on their shape to position their speakers correctly so that you get the best possible sound. But since all ears are a little different, and most open-ear earbuds are one-size-fits-all, that alignment doesn’t always work out. This is why the 1More Fit S50 cleverly include a set of soft silicone guides (or “directional sound loops” as 1More likes to call them). They look like little donuts, and when you stick them just inside your ear’s concha, they’re designed to keep everything in the right place. Three sizes of guides are included.

It’s possible that the use of the sound loops will compromise the comfort that open-ear style designs are known for, but perhaps the trade-off will be worth it.

1More Fit S50 directional sound loops.

To provide the needed power to send audio through the air gap between the earbuds and your eardrum, 1More has given the S50 a “PurePower Driver” with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm that it claims gives the driver a 40% increase in driving force, though we’re not entirely sure what 1More is comparing it to. In keeping with many of 1More’s high-end wireless earbud models, the company has partnered once again with Sonarworks to provide its SoundID personalized tuning system.

1More Fit S50.
1More Fit S50 1More

The charging case for the Fit S50 supports wireless charging, which not every set of open-ear earbuds at this price (or even higher) can say — the Shokz Open-Fit and Oladance OWS Pro are both notable examples. The company says the Fit family of earbuds are meant for sports, and with an IPX7 rating (basically fully waterproof), it’s hard to imagine a sport the Fit S50 couldn’t keep up with.

Finally, 1More says the Fit S50 will get about 11 hours of playtime on a single charge, with a total of 38 hours when you include the charging case’s capacity. A quick charge of five minutes will get you an extra two hours of playtime.

1More Fit SE S30

1More Fit SE S30.
1More Fit SE S30 1More

The entry-level Fit SE S30 (or just S30) offer the same open-ear benefits as the S50, but with fewer bells and whistles. Gone are the directional sound loops, and water resistance is only IPX5 — still great for workouts, but don’t go in the pool.

Woman wearing 1More Fit SE S30.
1More Fit SE S30 1More

You’ll need to use the included cable to charge the case, and that fancy PurePower Driver has been replaced with a 13.5mm standard driver, though it still incorporates a DLC diaphragm. However, 1More has added a bass-enhancing algorithm, which could help with the biggest drawback to open-ear designs: weak bass.

Battery life on the S30 is a stated 10 hours per charge and 30 hours total time when you include the case.

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