Harry Styles is in one of Netflix’s most popular movies now. Here’s why you should watch it

It’s been almost a year since the entire world was wondering whether Harry Styles may have really spit on Chris Pine at the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling in Venice. Since then, the movie has hit theaters amidst a roiling wave of controversy, and now, it’s also a hit on Netflix and is currently featured in the streamer’s top 10.

Given the movie’s success thus far, you may be wondering whether the movie is worth a watch. Fortunately, we’ve got a full rundown of three great reasons the movie is worth checking out.

It’s a stylish, original story

Alice (Florence Pugh) cracks eggs with no yoke in Don't Worry Darling.
Merrick Morton/Warner Bros. Pictures / Warner Bros.

In an era when more and more of the biggest releases in any given year are driven by corporate mandates and intellectual property, Don’t Worry Darling is a stylish, original story. The film is set in an isolated desert community where the men travel to work and the women stay at home and do the housework.

It’s a 1950s ideal, but when one housewife begins noticing something strange, the entire façade that this world was built on slowly begins to unravel. That story is told with plenty of real sets, some stunning photography, and real thought and effort. The sheer fact that it’s not based on something else should be more than enough to recommend it.

It features a great ensemble

Don’t Worry Darling | Official Trailer #2

Florence Pugh has established herself as one of the great actors of her generation, and she’s just one of the reasons that Don’t Worry Darling‘s cast is so great. The film also stars Chris Pine doing wonderful supporting work as the film’s ostensible villain, as well as Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, and Harry Styles, all of whom play crucial roles in the way the film unfolds.

That wonderful ensemble all gets to stretch new muscles, and Pugh is maybe the most astounding of them all. We already knew that she could be the center of a great movie, but in Don’t Worry Darling, she proves that she’s capable of playing the full spectrum of human emotion.

It had plenty of behind-the-scenes drama

Alice smiling at a young man in the 2022 film Don't Worry Darling.
Warner Bros.

Look, the filmmaking and performances in Don’t Worry Darling are more than enough reason to check the movie out, but if you’re someone who loves to follow gossip, then watching Don’t Worry Darling is essential to understanding everything that went on with the movie behind the scenes.

There were rumors that director Olivia Wilde was having an affair with Styles on set, and other suggestions that Florence Pugh may have even stepped in to direct large chunks of the movie. All of that led to a sense the movie’s cast and crew were at one another’s throats. Whether these rumors are true or not, though, Don’t Worry Darling is fascinating both for what’s happening on camera and what happened when cameras weren’t rolling.

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