Scout Motors Electric SUV: rumored price, release date, design, and more

Scout SUV Teaser

There’s another electric SUV on the way, and this one comes with a familiar name. Volkswagen is reviving the classic Scout name for a new electric SUV that’s billed as being an “RUV,” or a rugged utility vehicle. And, it could well prove itself as the best electric SUV in its price range, when it does finally come out.

The new EV isn’t due out for quite some time, but there’s already a fair bit that we know about it. Curious to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Scout SUV.


There’s very little we actually know about the Scout SUV so far, but we do know a little about the eventual design. A few teasers for the upcoming vehicle have been released, showing sketches of both the SUV and the accompanying pickup truck, along with what’s presumably the front of the SUV — though in a dark environment, with little detail.

By the looks of it, the Scout SUV will offer a relatively boxy design with a shorter wheelbase and a minimalistic approach. It looks like it’ll be relatively tall, but short lengthwise. It’s a little hard to tell the dimensions given what the sketch looks like right now.

Scout SUV sketch
Volkswagen / Volkswagen

Interior and tech

We only know a little about the exterior of the Scout SUV — and unfortunately, we know nothing about the interior. No teasers showing the interior design of the Scout SUV have been released just yet.

We can speculate, however. Considering the car is supposed to be “rugged,” we’re expecting an interior to match — with rubberized materials and tough seating. The original was known for its plaid seats, though VW would have to be pretty bold to revive that in 2023. Hopefully, there will be a good selection of tech features too, and support for infotainment tech like CarPlay and Android Auto.


The Scout SUV will be completely electric, and according to Scout CEO Scott Keogh, will be built on a new platform — and thus not the Volkswagen MEB platform that’s already in production. In other words, we know almost nothing about the performance of the SUV, though by 2026, hopefully it’ll offer a range of at least 400 miles or so.

Generally, we’re expecting at least two motors to power an all-wheel drive setup, but beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see.

Price and release date

We do have some details about the price and release date of the Scout electric SUV. Volkswagen Group says that production on the vehicle will begin in 2026 — which means that it could be headed for a 2027 model year. In other words, it’ll be a few years before you can actually buy the Scout SUV.

Until then, however, some milestones will be hit. The company says that prototypes for the Scout SUV will be built in 2024, and that production will take place in the U.S. Keogh said in an interview with TechCrunch that the SUV will come in at $40,000 or “just north of there,” which would make it one of the most affordable electric SUVs on the market — though by then there will likely be far more options.

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