HP just knocked $350 off this gaming laptop with an RTX 4050

HP Victus placed outside while displaying an attractive background.
Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

The whole industry of gaming laptops has come a long way from even just five or six years ago, with modern gaming laptops being thin, light, and yet still powerful enough to play the majority of games out there. One of the big players is HP and their Victus laptop, a great thin gaming laptop that will satisfy most mid-range gaming. Even better, HP has aggressively discounted it down from $1,300 to $950, and if you feel like it, you can use that extra savings to do a couple of customizations.

Why you should buy the HP Victus 16t

The HP Victus 16t is quite the upgrade from the previous Victus 15, with an RTX 4050 under the hood, which is somewhat of an entry-level graphics card nowadays but still able to run most indie and AA without an issue. Of course, what you really get with the 40-series is the advanced DLSS 3.0, which helps add frames and improve performance, although it’s not fully supported by all games yet. Of course, you can upgrade to an RTX 4060 for an extra $90, and we strongly suggest you make that upgrade, although if you want the best, you can also upgrade to an RTX 4070, although for an extra $340, it might not be worth it, especially if you don’t care as much about AAA gaming.

As for CPU, you get the mid-range Intel i5-13500HX, which you can also upgrade to an i7, although, again, it’s likely not worth it if you’re going to be using this as purely a gaming laptop and not playing to do anything as complex as editing. The i5 easily handles day-to-day and general productivity work, and the 16GB of DDR5 RAM it comes with is also more than enough for most folks. As for the display, you get a large 16-inch screen with a superior 16:10 aspect ratio, an FHD resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and 250-nit peak brightness. That said, we’d likely spend the extra $80 to upgrade the screen to the version with a 165Hz refresh rate, 7ms response time, and 300nits of peak brightness since it will let you use the laptop in brighter conditions and it will give you some leeway when it comes to optimizing for higher framerates.

Overall, the HP Victus 16t is a great gaming laptop at its base spec, and with the $350 discount from HP, it’s even better, especially if you spend the extra $170 for the GPU and screen upgrade. That said, it’s always worth checking out some other gaming laptop deals to make sure you make the best choice.

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