Get this Apple Watch for just $129 in the Labor Day sales

A person wears an Apple Watch SE displaying its apps.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Smartwatches have quickly become a very important utility, from helping us interface with our phones without pulling them out all the time or helping us with fitness tracking. If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, then you’re probably familiar with the high prices many of the newest Apple watches go for. Luckily, Walmart has a great deal on the Apple Watch SE 1, which is still pretty great, and is going for $129, rather than the usual $329, a substantial discount we don’t usually see.

Why you should buy the 40mm Apple Watch SE 1

The Apple Watch SE almost needs no introduction, being the first budget-oriented Apple smartwatch on the market, and it was quite a surprise when it originally came out. While it doesn’t have all the latest and greatest sensors like Watch Series 8, it has a heart rate monitor that can sense irregular rhythms. It also has fall detection, which makes this a great option if you want to grab this for an elderly relative while being on a tight budget. Workout tracking is, of course, excellent, as you’d expect from Apple, and the included sleep tracker also gives you some nice information, although there’s no deep analysis, so don’t expect that here.

Sadly, the Watch SE 1 doesn’t come with the high-g sensor that’s needed for crash detection, which is a shame because the Watch SE 2 does have it, so if you’re thinking of going that route, take a look at our Apple Watch SE 2 vs. Apple Watch SE breakdown to see which one works better for you. In terms of battery life, you can get about two days out of it, maybe a bit more if you switch off things like the always-on screen, which is great for a budget smartwatch. We’ll also point out that this is the GPS and Cellular version, so you can make calls directly from this smartwatch, which we like at this price point.

The Watch SE 1 was and still is a revolutionary smartwatch for Apple users, and with the deal from Walmart bringing it down to just $129 from $329, it offers great value. You’ll also be happy to know that the larger

is also on sale from Walmart for just $159 rather than $359. While you’re here, check out the other Apple Watch deals, especially if you’d prefer the Watch SE 2 instead.

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