You’ve got 70 days to trade your old Marantz components for discounted new ones

A Marantz 2270 receiver.
A Marantz 2270 receiver Wikipedia

To celebrate the brand’s 70th birthday, Marantz has a special offer for owners of its older products. For 70 days, starting September 1, you’ll be able to take your used Marantz components — receivers, amps, turntables, etc., — to a participating Marantz dealer, who will then assess them and give you a credit toward new Marantz products.

That credit may be worth as much as 20% off your next Marantz purchase, depending on the component(s) and its condition.

The process is straightforward:

  • Locate a participating dealer near you through the Marantz website
  • Visit the dealer, bringing your used Marantz component (in any condition) for evaluation
  • Based on the dealer’s assessment, you could receive a credit of up to 20% off a new Marantz product

Not every new Marantz product is eligible for the trade-in discount, but it’s a decent assortment, featuring the company’s latest Cinema series AV receivers and audio streamers with SACD players:

  • Cinema 40
  • Cinema 50
  • Cinema 60
  • Cinema 70s
  • Model 40N
  • Model 30
  • AV 10
  • AMP 10
  • TT-15
  • SACD 30CN
  • SA-10
  • PM-10
  • AV8805A
  • AV7706
  • MM8077

The question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether or not your used Marantz gear might be worth more if you sold it privately. Some vintage Marantz receivers, like the Marantz Model 2270 receiver shown above, are highly sought-after, often fetching between $1,800 to $2,500 on sites like eBay, depending on the model and its condition. These prices could be considerably more than the maximum cap Marantz has placed on trade-in credits.

As an example, a 20% discount on Marantz’s PM-10 Reference Integrated Amplifier — it’s most expensive new product at $8,999 — is worth $1,799.80.

Marantz gear bought in the past 10 years is unlikely to generate as much interest, so when you factor in the time and inconvenience of selling it, Marantz’s trade-in offer might be the best way to go if you’re heart’s set on a new Marantz device.