Anker reveals Solix C1000 and Solix F3800 portable power stations

Anker, a company known for its power banks, coolers, and other electronics, today revealed two new members of the Solix lineup — the C1000 Portable Power Station and F3800 Portable Power Station. The Solix C1000 is geared toward camping and home emergencies, while the Solix F3800 is a larger unit with a wide variety of uses.

Holding up to 1056Wh of power, the Solix C1000 can power most home appliances, including laptops, routers, lights, aquariums, and CPAP machines. This makes it a great power bank to have on hand in case of power outages. It also supports Anker’s HyperFlash Technology, allowing it to get back to a full battery with just 58 minutes of charging.

The Anker Solix C1000 on a black background.

Toss in a 10-year life span and the ability to last for more than 3,000 charging cycles, and it’s clear that the C1000 is designed as a reliable companion for your home.

The C1000 is a bit expensive at $999, but it has plenty of features to back up its price tag. It’ll go on sale October 9, but preorders are now open. You can also pick up an expansion battery for $799 in November, which gives it even more juice.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Solix F3800, which is slated for a launch sometime in early 2024. This massive power station boasts a capacity of 3840Wh, allowing it to charge multiple heavy-duty appliances at once, including washing machines and dryers.

The Anker Solix F3800 on a black background.

Its impressive capacity makes the F3800 perfect for RV trips, as you can head out for a weekend of boondocking without needing to worry about how to power your gear.

Anker notes that the F3800 has also been designed to “directly charge your EV” at 2900 watts without any grounding accessories required, making it more multifaceted than many other power stations. And, as you’d expect for products in the Solix lineup, both the C1000 and F3800 can be charged with solar power — the C1000 supports 600W and the F3800 supports 2400W.

Expect to learn more about the F3800 (including its price) as we inch closer to its release date.

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