TCL’s new QD-Mini LED televisions point to a very bright future

The TCL X955 QD-Mini LED television.
The TCL X955 QD-Mini LED television TCL / TCL

TCL today has taken the wraps off its next generation of televisions, and you’re going to wand to sit down for this. Or stand up. And maybe cheer a little. Because (on paper anyway), there’s a whole lot to like here.

For starters, on the high end, we’re talking some 5,000 things to like in the X955. It’s a QD-Mini LED television (as are the other two TVs that TCL is breaking out today; more on them in a minute) that sports more than 5,000 full-array local dimming zones. In fact, it’s 5,184. But who’s counting? (TCL 90is counting.) What you need to know there is that more zones equals more control over darks and colors, and this is a huge number, which explains why the X955 comes in any size you want, so long as it’s 85 inches, or 98 inches diagonally.

And those 5,000 (plus!) local dimming zones are able to crank out a whopping 5,000 nits of peak brightness. Or, as TCL Europe’s Olivier Semenoux put it at the event, “it’s an R&D masterpiece.” Also look for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, of course.

And that’s just on the visual side. TCL is looking for its new sets to actually be the sort of television that sounds good without some sort of external soundbar or speaker system. To that end, the X955 has a 160-watt Onkyo system, in a 4.2.2 configuration with Dolby Atmos. We’ll have to hear it for ourselves before actually passing judgment, but that’s a lot of watts in a small space. So it’ll be interesting to see just what we get.

TCL C955 QD-Mini LED television.
The TCL C955 QD-Mini LED television TCL / TCL
TCL C755 QD-Mini LED television.
The TCL C755 QD-Mini LED television. TCL

There are two other TVs in this new QD-Mini LED rollout, too. The C955 comes in flavors of 98, 85, and 65 inches. It’s a little more traditional at 2,000 local dimming zones and 2,000 nits of peak brightness, and the Onkyo sound system steps down accordingly at 120 watts in a 2.2.2. configuration. And there’s also the C755 (known in Europe as the C805). It ranges from 50 to 98 inches with 500-plus local dimming zones and up to 1,300 nits of peak brightness. Also look for Dolby Vision and Dolby Amos across these models as well.

The QD-Mini LED is the standout feature for TCL, though. We had high hopes for the Mini-LED-enabled TCL QM8, and it more than delivered. Throw a little more into the special sauce, and this is going to be really interesting.

And that wasn’t all that TCL had on tap at this event. We got a teaser for two new affordable Dolby Atmos soundbars coming in the first half of 2024, and a pair of RAY·DANZ soundbars landing in the latter part of the year.

Outside of the home theater front, TCL trumpeted its work in the air-conditioning segment. It cited its more than 3,400 patents in the space, all leading to the TCL FreshIN 2.0 AC, which can take in 60 cubic meters per hour and expel the cooler stuff at 30 cubic meters per hour. And if air quality is a concern, TCL’s Quadrupuri Filter Technology will help clean things up. And, of course, it all works with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

TCL also has a hand in the kitchen, with its proprietary Automatic Anion-releasing Technology making refrigerators bacteriostatic, aiding in purification and antioxidation. TCL also has “T Fresh” technology that “uses ion purification and sterilization to ensure your food remains healthy and fresher for longer, while also fighting against mold and pesticides.” And who doesn’t want that?

Still need more? How about some TCL in your laundry life? Its P Series washing machine has an antibacteria gasket, integrates a steam wash feature, and has a door diameter of more than 14 inches to make getting things in and out even easier.

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