This retailer is selling the $229 Nest Doorbell for $75 (seriously)

A hand pressing the Nest Doorbell button.

In addition to the best home security cameras, you can keep your family safe by installing a video doorbell like the Google Nest Doorbell. If you don’t have one yet, you’re in luck because you can get the wired version of the device from Amazon’s Woot for just $75, which is less than half its original price of $229. You’ll need to hurry if you want to take advantage of the $154 in savings though — while there’s still several days before the offer expires, it’s very much possible that stocks run out within the next 24 hours.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Doorbell

The battery version of the Google Nest Doorbell appears in our roundup of the best video doorbells, but if you already have wiring in place or if you prefer not to deal with recharging batteries, then you should go for the wired Google Nest Doorbell. The two versions are mostly the same aside from their power source, with features like 24/7 streaming that will let you look through the video doorbell’s camera, alerts when it detects that someone is standing at your door, and the ability to talk with visitors and delivery people.

The only advantage of the wired version of the Google Nest Doorbell over the battery version is an important one — continuous recording, which will let you go back in time to see everything that happens in front of your door. It will require a Nest Aware Plus subscription that costs $12 per month, but that may be considered a small price to pay for the security that this feature will provide. The subscription will also unlock intelligent alerts that can detect familiar faces and packages, to give you a better idea of who or what is outside your door.

The wired version of the Google Nest Doorbell is currently available from Amazon’s Woot for less than half its sticker price, following a $154 discount that makes it very affordable at $75 from $229. There’s still some time before the offer ends, but it’s not recommended to wait until the final hour before you make your purchase as stocks probably won’t last that long. If you’ve got your eyes on the Google Nest Doorbell, you should buy it now.

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