Usually $289, this bidet toilet seat is on sale for $165 today

It’s always pleasant to see good value bidet toilet seat deals and that’s exactly what Woot is offering today. You can buy the Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat for $165 right now with free shipping for Prime members. It’s an open box model which is why it’s so cheap but it’s great value if you don’t mind that minor downside. Being an open box item just means it’s been opened due to being a photo sample or has some package damage. It doesn’t mean it’s been used and you still get a year’s limited warranty. If you’re keen to keep your butt extra clean (and who isn’t?), this is a great deal to snap up. Here’s what else you need to know about it.

Why you should buy the Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat

If you’re wondering is a bidet worth it — yes. That goes even more so if you’re someone that suffers from any digestive issues but, honestly, everyone deserves to feel cleaner than anything toilet paper can provide. The Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat is simple to install and offers some great features. It has a heated seat for the winter months, a pocket nozzle, hybrid warm water system so you get just the right temperature for your needs. It’s possible to adjust the water pressure as well as the position of the nozzle.

Other features include a warm air dryer, a night light so it’s just as easy to use at night as it is in the daytime. It also has a comfortable slow-closing seat and lid, deodorizer and even a seat sensor too. A wireless remote means you’re always in control of what the Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat does for you. Using it means you’re guaranteed a much cleaner experience than if you solely relied on toilet paper. It’s important to be hygienic at times like these and saves you a lot of hassle. Just choose the elongated or round model, and you’re all set with the Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat.

Right now, the Bio Bidet USPA Pro Toilet Seat is available at Woot for $166 thanks to it being an open-box model. You still get a year’s limited warranty and the item has not been used. The deal ends in seven days or when it sells out so you don’t have long to hit the buy button. If you’re keen to enjoy a more hygienic experience, buy it now.

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