One of the best indoor gardening systems is on sale for Memorial Day

The Gardyn 2.0 (left) and Gardyn 3.0 (right).

There’s something incredibly romantic about the thought of growing your own vegetables. You till the soil, put in seeds, and grow nice, new edible lifeforms. But, part of that romanticism comes from our typical lack of actually doing the work. Pushing a few buttons in Harvest Moon doesn’t count! Instead, we desire an experience much like that of using some of the best wireless mice; plug in a piece and start playing right away. Gardyn is pleasant enough to give us that with one of the first plug’n’play gardens for indoor use. They’re also offering their flagship products — the Gardyn Home 2.0 and Gardyn Home 3.0 — at a steep discount for Memorial Day, with an extra $100 off for a device or $150 for a device with membership on top of other discounts. Just tap the button below to choose your Gardyn and starter plants, then enter the code “BLOOM” at checkout.

Why you should buy a Gardyn Home Kit

Getting a Gardyn Home Kit is sort of like buying a combination of three things for your home: a living indoor sculpture, a garden builder, and a wise farming sage at your call. The sculpture claim is the easiest to figure out, a Gardyn is a tower with vibrant green leaves and patches of the colors of . Here’s how the other factors come into play:

If you want to build a garden, there is no easier way than with a Gardyn. Since we reviewed the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 last year, the indoor gardening space has been constantly evolving. It means that Gardyns, which has always been friendly to newcomers, are getting even better. For example, a Gardyn Home Kit has always been very plug’n’play friendly for growing — just plug a into your Gardyn (they come monthly with the subscription) and start growing — but the newer Home Kit 3.0 has made assembly the same way. No screws or screwdrivers needed!

Need sage advice on how to grow your crops? Of course you do! Gardyn automates watering, lighting, and nutrient feeding of your plants and has an AI-powered growth assistant. When that doesn’t work, the community Gardyn has grown around it is ready to throw in advice as well, with everything from custom crop growing recipes to schematics for your 3D printer to make more yCubes. Want to forget it all and let something else do all the work? There’s a vacation mode that lets the AI take over completely for a period of time. In other words, Gardyn (and the community it created) is there for you at every step along your plant-growing journey.

Remember, if you want to sprout your green thumb indoors this summer, follow the link below to choose your favorite Gardyn Home products and enter the code “BLOOM” to secure an additional $100 or $150 dollars off for this Memorial Day deal. Want to scout out the competition instead? Check out these other smart gardens. Need a bit more soil on your hands? Here’s a compilation of the gardening apps that got us through last summer’s growing season.

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