PlayStation Backbone controller gets an Android version ahead of PlayStation Showcase

A new Android version of the Backbone One — PlayStation Edition is now available. The mobile controller brings the aesthetic of Sony’s DualSense to Android phones.

Backbone One — PlayStation Edition, a mobile gaming controller that copies the aesthetics of the PS5’s DualSense, was first revealed and released in July 2022. At the time, though, only an iOS-compatible version of the mobile gaming controller was available. Now, Android users can pick up a version of the PS Backbone One that works with their phones. As its appearance and functionality are almost identical to the iOS version in almost every way, it’s no surprise that the Backbone One — PlayStation Edition for Android also costs $99.

The launch is tied to some other new developments for the mobile game controller companies, like how its products are soon going to be released in Asian markets like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

A Backbone One - PlayStation Edition controller being used with the Backbone app.

More importantly for North American players, the Backbone App on Android devices is also getting an update. Backbone’s App serves as a hub for many of the mobile games and cloud gaming services that support the device, so it’s an app a lot of those who pick up the Backbone One — PlayStation Edition for Android will end up using. This update allows Android users to customize the Backbone App’s UI to look more like that of a PlayStation console and adds a content row focused on highlighting new PlayStation-related news and games.

While PlayStation’s mobile and cloud gaming efforts aren’t as strong as those of Microsoft, this still provides PlayStation fans with a mobile gaming controller that fits their aesthetic ahead of this week’s PlayStation Showcase.

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