How to get the Sword of the Hero in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When even a stick can serve as a weapon, you’ll never be at a loss for some way to beat down your enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Granted, a random stick isn’t going to do you much good, even when you combine it with something using the new Fuse power. Link is most deadly with real swords, and Hyrule is packed with them, including many from his past adventures. Naturally, the Master Sword is out there waiting to be found, but you can also reunite Link with the very first sword he used against Ganon all those years ago. We all know it’s dangerous to go alone, so here’s how to get the Sword of the Hero in Tears of the Kingdom.

A map og hyrule on gerudo desert.

How to get the Sword of the Hero

The Sword of the Hero is one of many pieces of Link’s old equipment you can recover in Tears of the Kingdom, just like Majora’s Mask and the entire Fierce Deity set. If you’ve gotten those, then you will already know that these are not so simple to find.

Step 1: Travel to the Gerudo Highlands and find the Birida Lookout Chasm.

Step 2: Enter the chasm to go down to the depths.

Step 3: Travel northeast to the Muzazu Lightroot.

A map of the depths showing a grove.

Step 4: From this point, turn toward the Dalite Grove and find the massive tree stump.

Step 5: Inside the stump is a chest with none other than the Sword of the Hero.

Link getting the sword of the hero from a chest.

The Sword of the Hero is a one-handed sword with 17 base attack power. Unfortunately, unlike the Master Sword, it doesn’t shoot projectiles when at full health like it did in the original Zelda title.

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