How to buy and build a house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In most instances where Link has had a house, it usually never served much purpose. When Breath of the Wild came around, we were introduced to Terry Town and the ability to buy and customize our very own house for the first time. Now in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Terry Town is back, but buying and building your very own home functions quite differently. You’re not just buying a house and paying to upgrade it anymore, but have much more control in actually designing it. If you want to give Link a peaceful place to relax and call home, here’s how to buy and build a house in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to buy a house

You’re not so much buying a house in Tears of the Kingdom as you are buying the land to build a house on. Regardless, this is a fairly involved process, but necessary if you want to erect a humble abode.

Step 1: Reach Terry Town in the northeast of Hyrule.

Link talking to a couple worried about their daughter.

Step 2: Talk to either Rhondson or Hudson.

Step 3: They will tell you about their son Mattison and their concerns about her leaving for Gerudo Town.

Step 4: Find Mattison on the second floor of the house.

Step 5: Follow Mattison to her grandmother Monari and she will ask what the Gerudo word for “granny” is.

Step 6: The correct answer is “Vaba.”

Step 7: Next, Mattison wants to go to the construction site to ride the railcar, but will be stopped by her father standing guard.

Mattison saying she needs to sneak by to ride the railcar.

Step 8: Use a plank to block her dad’s line of sight, or use a Puffshroom, and tell Mattison it’s safe to sneak past.

Step 9: Find Mattison near Hudson and give them the 10 Sundelions he asks for.

Step 10: Complete the quest by talking to Rhondson.

Rhodson offering to sell Link a plot of land.

How to build a house

Once that quest is all wrapped up, you can talk to Rhondson and purchase a plot of land and two rooms for 1,500 Rupees, so make sure you’ve farmed up enough cash.

Step 1: Your plot will be right outside of town near the Rasitakiwak Shrine.

Step 2: Talk to the man behind the counter to begin building.

Step 3: You can now use Ultrahand to position your two starting rooms in whatever configuration and space you wish.

Link building a house with Ultrahand.

Step 4: Your rooms must be within the roped-off area, and once you finish, the inspector will approve your first home and call Rhondson.

Step 5: With that tutorial house build, you will now unlock the full suite of housing options, including the option to purchase more room types. There are over a dozen different room types, including a Weapon Stand Room, Gallery, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Flower Bed. Each new room will cost a couple hundred Rupees.

Step 6: Aside from the rope limiting your house, you are also restricted to a maximum of 15 rooms for your house, so you can’t build up a massive mansion.

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