PlayStation Showcase 2023: how to watch and what to expect

It’s been a very long time since the last PlayStation Showcase. While Sony has held tons of smaller State of Play streams over the years, it doesn’t often host Nintendo Direct-sized events that give a wide picture of what’s coming to the PS5. That’ll change next week when the company hosts a proper PlayStation Showcase, just a few weeks before Summer Game Fest.

Details on what we’ll see at the event are sparse for now, but there’s a lot we can already predict. You won’t want to miss out on this one, so here’s everything you need to know so you can catch it when it right when it airs.

When is PlayStation Showcase?

A promo image detailing Sony's 2-23 PlayStation Showcase.

PlayStation Showcase will air at 1 p.m. PT on Wednesday, May 24. The show will run for just a bit over an hour, making it one of Sony’s longest live streams in years.

How to watch PlayStation Showcase

As with every Sony stream, you’ll have two ways to watch: YouTube and Twitch. Sony is welcoming content creators to co-stream the event, but it notes that the show will feature copyrighted music. Still, that’s unlikely to stop your favorite content creator from streaming it considering the size of the event.

What to expect from PlayStation Showcase

Spider-Man attacks an enemy while wearing a metal spider suit in Spider-Man 2.

Sony says it’ll be focusing on both PS5 and PlayStation VR2 games, including new titles from PlayStation Studios. That detail is significant, as we’re currently in the dark about what Sony has cooking. We can expect to see a glimpse at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 here, but the first-party slate is a mystery otherwise. We do know that a Last of Us multiplayer game is in the works, as well as a Wolverine game from Insomniac, so there’s a good chance one of those could appear. Otherwise, expect some games that have yet to be announced.

The stream will also feature updates from third-party studios and indie creators, which opens up a lot of possibilities. With Final Fantasy XVI right around the corner, there’s a fair chance we see another glimpse of it here. More excitingly, we could also get a look at Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, which is scheduled to drop this winter. Bloober Team’s upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake also seems like a shoo-in for the show considering it’s a major PlayStation exclusive.

What you’ll really want to keep an eye out for, though, is Mortal Kombat. A new installment in the series has been heavily teased in recent months and there are already detailed reports flying around about what it’ll entail. Considering that series creator Ed Boon tweeted “This week should be fun” shortly before the PlayStation Showcase announcement, there’s good reason to guess that it could show up here.

What not to expect

Usually I’d tell you to temper your expectations here, but all bets are off. This is a major PlayStation Showcase coming at a time when both the PS5 and PSVR2’s upcoming release schedule is unclear. Sony has to fill up its slate with exciting announcements, and there’s a good chance it’s been saving up some ammunition. Let your imagination run wild here.

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