This 15-inch Windows laptop is discounted to $157 at Walmart

In an ideal world, you’d want to pick up one of the best high-end laptop deals around. However with everyone’s budgets tighter than ever, even an awesome deal from somewhere like Dell might still be out of your reach. Alternatively, you might simply not want to spend that much on a new laptop. Either way, that’s where the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook deal at Walmart becomes so tempting. Right now, you can buy it for only $157 instead of $199. It was cheap at $199 but with $42 off, it’s an even more appealing deal.

Now, this isn’t a system that’s going to wow, well, pretty much anyone. It’s a distinctly basic laptop but it does at least have some reasonable specs if you’re simply interested in using it for everyday tasks like web browsing or school work. If you’ve been struggling to get by with your phone or tablet, and need a bigger display and something Windows-based, this should suffice for many people. Let’s take a look at what else the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook has to offer and why you might want it.

Why you should buy the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook

A bird's eye view of a blue Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook laptop on a white background.

Affordability is probably the main attraction when it comes to the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook, but that’s no reason to think it can’t get a lot of different jobs done. While it won’t be able to handle lengthy video edits or Hollywood visual effects, it has an AMD Ryzen 3 processor with Radeon Graphics, which will easily get you through day to day word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, and note taking. It also has a Full HD display, which will get you through your weekend binge watching. This is a powerful enough laptop to consider alongside some of the best budget laptops, and even though it comes in at 15.6 inches, it’s super slim and has the portability a lot of people are looking for in the best Chromebooks on the market.

The Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook is able to reach up to 8.5 hours of battery life on a single charge, so there shouldn’t be any issues getting through the work day without a power cable. It also has a webcam that’s competent enough to get you through meetings and catchups with friends and family. It comes with Windows 10 S pre-installed, as well as some other handy software. The hard drive comes in at 128GB, which should be plenty to house all of your necessary software, but isn’t likely enough if you plan on loading it up with additional media. You can get additional storage that will go anywhere with you through any of the best cloud storage services, which can come in handy no matter how you plan to use the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook.

You can take home the Gateway 15.6-inch Ultra Slim Notebook for just $157 today at Walmart, which is a $42 savings from its regular price of $199. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

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