The founder of Ring is leaving Amazon to join Latch

The founder of Ring, Jamie Siminoff, is officially leaving Amazon. The company was sold to the e-commerce giant in 2018, and after a few years serving as chief inventor, Siminoff is ready for a new challenge — serving as the CEO of Latch, Inc.

Latch is a smart lock company and maker of LatchOS, a platform looking to make “spaces better places to live, work, and visit.” Not only will Siminoff be serving as its new CEO later this year, but the company has also acquired Honest Day’s Work (HDW), a platform founded by Siminoff that gives residential service providers (such as dog walkers, drivers, and housekeepers) an easier way to manage their businesses.

A person opening a Latch lock with their smartphone.

It’s unclear if any new smart home products will emerge from this new partnership, but seeing as Ring made a massive impact on the smart home market, Latch is certainly a company to watch in 2023. Ring made a name for itself with its residential video doorbells — and while Latch isn’t quite as open to the public (much of its catalog is intended for developers), it’ll be curious to see if that shifts with Siminoff’s arrival.

Latch’s catalog currently consists of intercoms, smart locks, and software to manage multifamily and professional buildings.

“I’m excited to join the Latch team, which has built an incredible offering that users across the country enjoy and benefit from every day,” wrote Siminoff. “Smart, secure access control is not only fundamental to real estate operators like myself, but also to residents and service providers. I look forward to combining Honest Day’s Work with Latch to build a residential ecosystem that empowers building owners, operators, service providers, and residents alike.”

Amazon and Ring, meanwhile, won’t be changing their focus. Liz Hamren has been serving as CEO since March 22, with products from Ring, Amazon Key, Amazon Sidewalk, and Blink all under her jurisdiction. That looks to continue after Siminoff’s departure.

Siminoff will take over as the CEO of Latch later this year. And if things go as planned, there’s a good chance you’ll see a Latch product on the front door of your apartment in the near future.

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