How to respec hearts and stamina in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll find a staggering amount of shrines throughout your adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and completing each one earns you one Light of Blessing. You’ll use four of these to upgrade your health or stamina at the emergency shelter in Lookout Landing – but what if you feel like you’ve made a mistake? You’re in luck, as you can respec quite easily any time you like. We’ll tell you how below.

How to respec hearts and stamina in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To respec your hearts and stamina, go to Lookout Landing and drop down into the emergency shelter where you’d normally go to upgrade your hearts or stamina. Instead of praying at the statue in this room, however, speak to an NPC standing with a broom next to another NPC. Her name is Jerrin and she’ll start a side activity for you in regards to a creepy sound coming from the nearby hole in the wall.

Link speaks to a character

Head through the hole to investigate the sound, and you’ll notice there are some rock walls to destroy. The path forward leads to a lengthy passage and some gear you may want for later, but to reach the place to respec, we need to clear the right path. Either throw a bomb plant at the rocks or hit them with a rock-fused weapon. After clearing a way through, you’ll come across a creepy horned statue.

Link speaks to a horned statue

Speak to the statue and it will eventually take a heart from you. Don’t worry, though, as if you continue speaking to it, it will inform you that you can respec your hearts and stamina at this location – for a price. Basically, the statue will buy your heart or stamina chunk from you, then sell you whichever of the two you prefer for 120 rupees. In other words, you can respec for 120 rupees any time you’d like.

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