Get this 55-inch Sony 4K TV for $450 at Best Buy

It’s always a good time to upgrade your home theater setup if your budget allows, especially since you can enjoy savings through the TV deals of the different retailers. Here’s a recommendation if you need one — the 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV, which already provides amazing value for its original price of $500, is down to $450 from Best Buy following a $50 discount. We’re not sure how much time you’ve got left to take advantage of this offer though, so if you don’t want to miss out, you should push through with the purchase immediately.

Why you should buy the 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV

If the 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV is larger than the TV that you’re replacing it with, you’ll need to check our guide on what size TV to buy to make sure that you have enough space for it. After confirming that you do, you should already be looking forward to enjoying your favorite shows and movies with sharper details and brighter colors because of its 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is enabled by Sony’s 4K Processor X1. The Sony X75K 4K TV also features the brand’s 4K X-Reality PRO technology, which upscales all content to 4K resolution so that you can further maximize its 55-inch screen.

Sony, one of the best TV brands, teams up with Google and its Google TV platform to make the 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV a smart TV. You’ll be able to access the top streaming services, including Netflix and Disney+, while also receiving curated suggestions for content to watch on the home screen, according to your preferences. Google TV also grants access to Google Assistant through the 4K TV’s remote, so you can issue voice commands for functions as searching for specific shows and movies, adjusting volume, and controlling playback.

The 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV is already a steal for its sticker price of $500, so you wouldn’t want to miss this chance to get it with a $50 discount from Best Buy. The 4K TV won’t cost $450 forever, but since there’s no information on when its price will return to normal, you’re urged to complete the transaction to secure your own 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV as soon as possible.

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