How to solve the Orochium Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are plenty of shrines to knock out in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you’re looking to fill out your heart containers and stamina. But some can be a little trickier than others, forcing you to think outside of the box a bit. The Orochium Shrine in Hebra is one of those with simple solutions that can be very easily missed because they require you to make some unnatural decisions. We’ll tell you how to complete the Orochium Shrine below.

How to solve Orochium Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When you enter the Orochium Shrine, head to the left side of the first room and destroy the enemy there. Look up along the wall to see a section jutting out, then go beneath it and use your Ascend ability to go through to the upper portion. Crawl through a small spot here and drop into the next area below, where you can defeat two enemies and will find a chest on the right side containing some arrows.

A section of the wall Link can pass through

When you’re done defeating the enemies and opening the chest, use your Ultrahand on the double doors in the center of this section and pull them opento reveal a new room ahead with lasers coming down from the ceiling.

Link opens a door with Ultrahand

Your initial reaction to seeing these lasers would be to avoid them, but this is where the Orochium Shrine plays with your expectations. Instead of avoiding the lasers, simply walk into any of them to find that the floor beneath you opens up and sends you into a secret chamber. In this chamber are more lasers — which you should avoid this time — and a chest at the very end containing a small key.

A corridor of lasers with a chest at the end

Use Ascend to reach the key at the end of the corridor of lasers, then use it once more to pass through the grate above the chest. Defeat the two enemies in this room, then use the small key on the door in the center of the area. This will reveal a ball that you need to pick up and carry to the left or right side of the room, where you’ll find moving platforms you can ride to a new level of the shrine.

A locked door that requires a small key

At the top, you’ll see a slot to place the ball, which will reveal a flying wing machine. Use your Ultrahand to pick it up and place it on the track facing toward the distant wall, then pick the ball back up and attach it to the center of the machine. When you’re ready to take flight, hop on the machine and whack the fans.

A flying machine with a ball being attached to it

Hop off and glide down to the bottom floor while letting the flying machine crash into the wall ahead. When it inevitably falls to the ground, use your Ultrahand once more to grab and wiggle the ball free. Place the ball in the hole by the gate here to open the final room of the Orochium Shrine and earn your reward, a blessing of light.

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