How to dye clothes and gliders in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

We all love to customize the way our characters look in games, and while The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t possess a fully customizable Link, it does provide you with an opportunity to change the color of some of his armor. You can also dye your paraglider, giving you a sleek new look as you glide around Hyrule’s skies. If you want to change up Link’s style, make sure to read on for where you need to go to dye your armor and paraglider.

How to dye your armor

Hateno Village location on the map.

The first step to dying your armor is heading over to Hateno Village, which you may remember was an important spot in Breath of the Wild too. When you arrive in Hateno Village, seek out the Kochi Dye Shop. Inside, you can speak to an NPC known as Sayge – you can’t miss him, as he’s an interesting-looking fellow in a strange hat with bottles of dye on his belt.

Choosing dye colors menu in Tears of the Kingdom.

Sayge will allow you to dye your armor or paraglider, though it’s worth noting that there are a few unique pieces of gear that can’t be dyed. Each dye job requires 20 rupees and a selection of materials that you’ll have found (or will need to find) across Hyrule. You can see a preview of what you’ll look like with the new dye, so you can decide if it’s really the vibe you’re going for. And if you decide to change up your paraglider, Sayge will even shoot you out of a cannon so you can glide around a bit and see how you like it. What a nice guy!

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