How to use Discord on PS5

Discord is the standard voice and text chat platform for gamers these days, so it was surprising just how long it took before there was any official console integration on the PS5. While it isn’t a native app, you can now at least use Discord to chat with your friends using your PS5, regardless if they’re on another PS5, PC, or even mobile. Here’s how to set it up.

How to use Discord on PS5

As long as your PS5 software is up to date, you can get started chatting using Discord integration once you link your accounts.

Step 1: Go into Settings > Users and Accounts > Linked Services and select Discord.

The discord app link screen on ps5.

Step 2: Follow the link or scan the QR code to open your Discord mobile app.

Step 3: Input the code on from your PS5 in the app to authorize the login.

Step 4: To start a chat, simply open up Voice controls with the person want to talk to and hit Join on PlayStation.

Transfer a discord chat to PS5.

Step 5: You will need to confirm which console you want to move your chat to, but then you can continue your conversation through your PS5.

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