You can buy a soundbar for under $30 at Walmart right now

It’s incredibly rare that we ever see soundbar deals drop as low as $28 but over at Walmart, that’s exactly how little you can pay today for a soundbar. The soundbar in question is the Onn. 30-inch 2.0 Soundbar. It’s usually priced at $36 but it’s even cheaper today at $28. That means we’re not expecting exceptional sound quality here but it’s likely to be an upgrade compared to your basic TV speakers. If you simply want any kind of audio boost for less, read on while we take you through what the Onn. 30-inch 2.0 Soundbar offers. Don’t be surprised if this one sells out fast.

Why you should buy the Onn. 30-inch 2.0 Soundbar

We’ll cut to the chase now and say that if you own one of the best TVs, you’re better off investing in one of the best soundbars rather than this one. The Onn. 30-inch 2.0 Soundbar is simple stuff geared towards those unable to invest much. While some soundbars revolutionize your viewing and listening experience, this one is more likely to provide a modest boost.

Still, it offers some key basics. That includes Bluetooth support for connecting the Onn. 30″ 2.0 Soundbar to your other devices easily. It also has optical input along with aux input, while its 34 watts of peak power output provides you with some extra oomph compared to your cheap TV. There’s a remote control too saving you the need to move too far, while there’s support for Dolby Digital, but certainly not Dolby Atmos at this price.

In an ideal world, you’ll want to spend more on a soundbar than $28 but if you truly can’t, the Onn. 30″ 2.0 Soundbar could be worth considering. For instance, if your TV’s sound has died or you’re looking for an audio solution for your kids’ TV, this could be it. It won’t deserve a place next to your high-end TV or as part of your living room setup, but that’s not to say the Onn. 30″ 2.0 Soundbar isn’t worth the minuscule $28 asking price.

Currently $28 instead of $36, the Onn. 30″ 2.0 Soundbar won’t stay this price forever at Walmart. It’s already popular and being added to people’s baskets fast. As a clearance deal, there’s only going to be so much stock available. If you’re keen to check it out, hit the buy button now before it ends.

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