Get a pair of Beats Flex wireless earbuds for $49 with this flash deal

Beats Flex

If you’re keeping costs down but still want to profit from one of the better headphone deals around, you might want to check out the Beats Flex wireless earbuds currently available at Walmart. Usually priced at $70, you can buy them for $49 for a limited time only. $21 off already great value headphones is one not to be missed and we wouldn’t be surprised if this deal ends soon. Here’s what you need to know before you decide to hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the Beats Flex

While the best wireless earbuds might often cost quite a lot, the Beats Flex provide excellent value for money for many people. Crucially, with up to 12 hours of listening time, there’s the convenience of knowing you won’t have to worry about recharging them so often compared to some competitors. In part, that’s because these aren’t true wireless earbuds so you’ll have to contend with a wire linking the two earbuds together but there are advantages. Besides the excellent battery life, it also means there’s no fear of losing one earbud and it’s always easy to grab both at once.

As magnetic earbuds, they also connect around your neck with auto-play and pause kicking in every time you do so. Four ear tip options also ensure these are comfy earbuds in your ears as well as when kept safe around your neck. Apple’s W1 headphone chip provides seamless connectivity without any issues, while there’s audio sharing so you can easily share your audio with another pair of Beats headphones or AirPods. Functionality goes further too with a built-in microphone that has wind reduction for elevated voice clarity, along with on-device controls for music, calls, or your chosen voice assistant. Simply put, the Beats Flex are well designed for anyone with an active lifestyle or that prefers to have a connecting cable to keep their earbuds safe.

Usually priced at $70, the Beats Flex are down to $49 for a limited time only at Walmart. A saving of $21 makes them extra appealing if you’re working to keep costs down while still looking to buy a new pair of earbuds. Snap them up today before the deal ends.

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