Walmart sale means you can get a 75-inch TV for under $500

An onn. 32-inch Roku Smart TV on a cabinet in a living room.

Need a big chonky TV, but don’t want to throw a wad of cash out the door to grab it? Walmart has your back. Right now you can get a frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV for just $498 at Walmart. This TV, like a lot of the best 75-inch TVs, is normally quite over the $500 line at $578. This deal drops it down by $80 to become one of the best 4K TVs for under $500. So, if you’re ready to get it big, tap the button below. Need to know a bit of background info? Keep on reading!

Why you should buy the Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV

If you want a big TV, you’re probably not simply subscribed to the idea that bigger = better. Instead, you may have much more sophisticated philosophy that bigger screen = better. The Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV understands. On this TV, the edge bevel is practically eliminated to give you the maximum quantity of screen possible. A slender strip at the bottom and just enough edge to keep the screen affixed to the TV is all that stands in your way of 100% screen vision.

But what are you looking at? The Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV has a resolution of 2160p, giving fine detail, and a 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth control of the action. It’s a Roku Smart TV as well, so it comes with a Roku TV remote that comes with access to thousands of channels, both paid and free. Roku not enough? No problem, as the Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV also works with Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max so you can see all of the best new streamed shows.

There is one drawback to this deal, however. It won’t last forever. To get your Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV at a cost of just $498, a sweet $80 drop from its typical $578, go ahead and tap that button below. If you’re not convinced this one is for you, or you’re starting to thing 75-inches is a bit too much TV, that’s not a problem either. Check out our collection of the best TV deals going on at the moment and find something that suits your style and home more.

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