Ends tonight: Usually $430, this Shark robot vacuum is $160 today

If you’ve always wanted to add a robot vacuum to your cleaning arsenal but the smart home devices have been beyond your budget, this may be what you’ve been waiting for — the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum for just $160, following a 63% discount from Amazon’s Woot. That’s $270 in savings on its sticker price of $430, but you’ll need to hurry with purchase because time is running out for you to take advantage of one of the most attractive robot vacuum deals we’ve seen in a long time.

Why you should buy the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum

The best robot vacuums can pick up dirt and debris from all kinds of surfaces, and the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum can do the same thing with its powerful suction and PowerFins brushroll. The brushroll is also a self-cleaning one, so it’s also great for cleaning up pet hair because they are removed immediately to prevent tangling. You can control the robot vacuum through the SharkClean app, where you can set schedules for cleaning sessions, give instructions on which rooms and high-traffic zones to target, and activate UltraClean mode when you need it. You also have the option of accessing these functions through voice commands with the help of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum comes with LIDAR technology, which it uses to build maps of your home for determining cleaning areas and no-go zones on the SharkClean app, and an AI Laser Navigation system that ensures complete coverage while detecting objects and avoiding collisions. Such sensors and virtual mapping capabilities are among the features to consider by our guide on how to choose a robot vacuum, which means you won’t be disappointed by the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum.

Here’s your chance to get the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum for less than half its original price of $430, as a 63% discount from Amazon’s Woot means you can buy the cleaning device for a very affordable $160. There’s less than a day left on the offer though, so you’ll want to complete the transaction because we’re not sure when you’ll see another deal like this. If you want the Shark AV2001 AI robot vacuum at $270 off, you have to complete the purchase right now.

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