This Roku 75-inch TV just had its price slashed to $700

If you’ve always dreamed of getting a massive display into your home theater setup, this may be the chance that you’ve been waiting for. The 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV, which is originally priced at $800, is down to $700 after a $100 discount from Best Buy. It’s still not cheap, but it’s affordable compared to your other options with the same size. This is one of the top TV deals right now, so we’re expecting the offer to draw a lot of attention. You may want to move forward with the purchase now as it could end at any moment.

Why you should buy the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV

First and foremost, you need to check out our guide on what size TV to buy to determine what’s the biggest screen that you can fit in your available space. If it’s enough for the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV, then there’s no reason to skip the offer. The Roku Select Series TVs, along with the Roku Plus Series TVs, are the brand’s first foray into making TVs after making a name for itself with its smart TV operating system. The Roku platform, which powers the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV, not only grants access to all of the popular streaming services, including Netflix and Disney+, but it also displays these apps and other input sources such as cable TV and video game consoles on a simple but customizable home screen.

Watching your favorite content on the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV will be a cinematic experience because of its 4K Ultra HD resolution, which creates sharp details, and HDR10+ technology for  incredible color and brightness. The 4K TV also comes with Dolby Audio built-in speakers, through which you’ll hear clear speech and loud sound.

You won’t always get the opportunity to purchase a screen as large as the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV for cheaper than usual, so you shouldn’t miss Best Buy’s $100 discount that lowers the TV’s price to $700 from $800. We don’t think the TV’s stocks will last long because of this eye-catching offer, so if you want to have the 75-inch Roku Select Series 4K TV delivered to your doorstep without paying full price, you’ll have to add it to your cart and check out immediately.

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