Get 3 months of Boost Mobile with 5GB of 5G data for $15

Boost Mobile store.

Contracts are an ugly sort of thing. They invoke images of lawyers, courtroom, and rigid rules. Of legalese designed to getcha. Unfortunately, they are also closely tied to our cell phone bills. Luckily, companies know the contract life isn’t for everyone and are offering prepaid phone plans as an alternative to those that want one. Boost Mobile, one of the best MVNOs (short for ‘Mobile Virtual Network Operators’), is one such company and is now offering a great deal on phone service and 5G data. Their 3 Months 5GB Plan SIM Card Kit, which is only available to new customers, is currently just $15. That’s $30 down from the usual $45 and a great way to save.

Why you should buy the Boost Mobile 5GB Plan SIM Card Kit

When you see a price this low, the first questions should be about the data. The Boost Mobile 5GB plan provides unlimited phone conversations and text and 5GB of 5G (or 4G) data and allows for mobile hotspots. Since the phone is prepaid, there are no overage charges, making this a great phone plan for teens. Teach them responsibility for their own data usage. No longer fear that their downloading of the best mobile games will incur big penalties on your credit card.

The next big question pertains to what phones can be used on the network. While you can purchase a phone via Boost Mobile, you can also bring your own. According to Boost Mobile, most unlocked phones can be used on their network. Their compatibility checker tool, for instance, indicates compatibility with a wide variety of Samsung phones, new and old. Notable phones (among so many others) that are Boost Mobile friendly include iPhone 6s and newer, most LG G-series phones, and whole host of Motorola phones. Either get one that is unlocked or unlock it yourself.

If you’re ready for the contract-free life, take advantage of this deal while it lasts. Since there’s no contract, there’s no fear. Take your three months of cheap Boost Mobile and quit when it’s over if the service doesn’t suit you. That’s the no contract life. Remember, with this deal you get three months for $15, which is $30 down from the typical $45. It’s a perfect start!

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