How to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Your Equilibrium Level is just part of Honkai: Star Rail’s many leveling systems. You might have seen the term while leveling up your weapons viaa notice like “Needs Equilibrium Level 1” or something similar. It also appears at the top of your dashboard underneath your avatar and the profile edit option. However, if you just learned what Equilibrium Level is, it will be at 0.

Equilibrium Level changes the game’s difficulty based on your level. After all, things would be too easy if all the lower-leveled enemies from past planets stayed the same. Each time you raise the Equilibrium Level, the higher enemies’ levels will become. You also get more valuable rewards from challenging Calyx, Caverns of Corrosion, Stagnant Shadows, and Echoes of War.

Here’s how to you raise your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to raise your Equilibrium Level

Trial of Equilibrium in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail prompts you to complete a Trial of Equilibrium at these levels:

  • Equilibrium Level 1 – Trailblaze Level 20
  • Equilibrium Level 2 – Trailblaze Level 30
  • Equilibrium Level 3 – Trailblaze Level 40
  • Equilibrium Level 4 – Trailblaze Level 50
  • Equilibrium Level 5 – Trailblaze Level 60
  • Equilibrium Level 6 – Trailblaze Level 65

You can’t raise your Trailblaze Level until you complete the Trial. Don’t worry, though. It should pop up as a Mission when you reach any of the above milestones and show up at a marked location on your map. A little portal will open at the location with a preview of the enemies you need to beat in order to complete the Trial. All you need to do is complete the challenge to raise your Equilibrium Level.

What does my Equilibrium Level do?

Equilibrium Levels raise the level caps for your characters and Light Cones, so you can level up your team to challenge stronger bosses that they might not have been able to defeat before. They also unlock higher-tier Trace and Ascension Materials that you need to build your characters. They can increase rewards from other outlets like the Calyx, even if they don’t necessarily give you new items.

Any Equilibrium Level locked content will immediately open after you complete the Trial. You can also challenge Calyxes, Stagnant Shadows, Caverns of Corrosion, and Echoes of War at new difficulty levels for more rewards. On the other hand, you can still challenge past difficulty levels if you feel like you’re not ready. Enemies in the wild stay at a new fixed level.

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