Beats Fit Pro down to new cheapest-ever price in one-day sale

Beats Fit Pro.

If you want some great earbuds, you can’t go wrong with the Beats Fit Pro, and while they tend to be pretty expensive, you can grab them on Woot for just $145, rather than the usual $200 you might see them go for. In fact, that’s even the new lowest price ever since the lowest they’ve ever gotten before was $145. That makes it one of the better headphone deals on the market right now, so well worth grabbing it if you want a pair.

Why you should buy the Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro is essentially a form of Apple earbud. Unlike AirPods, the earphones have wingtips that protrude from the outer surface before curling inwards towards your ear. Place them correctly and you get a firmer fit than many of the best wireless earbuds, so they’re great for workouts and being active while wearing them.

They sound great too thanks to a custom acoustic platform that provides powerful and well-balanced sound. There’s also Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking so music feels more immersive than with regular earbuds. For any downtime, you’ll truly appreciate how these work with Dolby Atmos, 5.1, and 7.1 movie soundtracks too so it’s great paired up to your Apple TV.

Active Noise Cancellation is available for when you want to block out the surrounding world with a Transparency mode for when you need to check back in. There are all the standard Apple H1 chip features too like automatic switching, audio sharing, and Siri support. Water resistant with an IPX4 rating is useful for rainy runs, while there’s six hours of battery life off one charge. Combined with the charging case, that increases to 24 hours before you need to find a power source.

In many ways, the Beats Fit Pro is just like the fitness-focused AirPods Pro with the Beats name instead of something more obviously Apple-flavored. Usually, they cost $200 but right now, you can buy them from Woot for $145. A saving of $55 brings them down to their lowest-ever price so this is a great time to embrace the 28% off saving and snap them up. They’re a great robust choice for active users while still offering excellent sound quality.

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