This Xbox Series S deal gets you an extra wireless controller for free

Xbox Series S placed on a white table with the controller just in front of it

Walmart has a great deal on the Xbox Series S right now. Normally priced at $330, it’s down to $290 for a limited time. Even better, you get an extra Xbox controller thrown in with the deal and who can resist that kind of bargain? You’re set up perfectly for couch co-op or multiplayer with one of the better Xbox deals around. Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

Why you should buy the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S may not feature in our look at the best gaming consoles, but it’s still appealing at this price. It’s an incredibly small console that you’ll easily find room for in your gaming den even if it’s already full of other consoles. It’s also very portable so you can take it and your two controllers to your buddy’s house to play some games.

Crucially, it offers many of the benefits of the Xbox Series X at a good price point. There’s cool features like being able to instantly load and quick resume so you can easily dip back into the last game you played. It’s certainly snappy performance-wise even if it lacks the ability to play games in 4K like you might see from the best Xbox Series X games but you can still play them at a lower resolution level. This is a console best suited for hooking up to your 1080p TV, although it will run games at 1440p, all while still giving you the chance to play the latest games. There’s no disc drive and its usable storage space is a little low at 370GB but pair it up with the best Xbox One games and it’s an ideal system for playing all the Xbox exclusives you might have missed out on in the past.

Well suited for someone limited on space, looking for a second console, or simply not wanting to spend too much on a games system, the Xbox Series S is currently down to $290 at Walmart. Normally priced at $330, things get even sweeter when you consider it also comes with a second controller so you’re all set up for multiplayer gaming on the couch. Buy it now while stock lasts.

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