Save $40 on the Google Nest Hub Max with this limited time deal

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From Bing search to ChatGPT, the world is getting smarter, fast. But how is your home faring in all of this? If you haven’t gotten started on a smart home system, or have fallen behind on yours, this is good time to get in on the action with the Google Nest Hub Max. As part of Dell’s Spring Sale Event, the Google Nest Hub Max is $40 off. That takes it from a typical price of $229 to sub-$200 price of $189. As the Google Nest Hub Max is set to be the central hub through which you act with your home’s smart security, chat with Google Assistant, and more, getting this piece at a promotional price will help you build the system of your dreams.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub Max

In John Velasco’s excellent 2019 Google Nest Hub Max review, he referred to the machine as the “definitive smart display.” His answer to if there was a better alternative in the smart home space? A resounding, one word “No.” Why? The Google Nest Hub Max has a fantastic screen, can act as speakers if you don’t already have the best speakers, and provides for one of the best Google Assistant experiences you can imagine. As Nest Hub releases are starting to slow, we still see updates in the Google Nest Hub Max, too, which is a great signal for the overall longevity of the product in your home. And if you’re a cook, the Google Nest Hub Max is fantastic for the kitchen.

If your smart home curious, and possibly want to take advantage of the deal, there’s probably one reason why. You’re nervous about setup. We get it. But don’t worry, our 8-step guide to setting up the Google Nest Hub Max rates the process as “easy” and taking only 10 minutes. Encounter issues along the way? Our guide to the most common Google Nest Hub Max problems will guide you through any issue you might face with the system within a simple paragraph or two.

So, if you’re ready to start smart homing, do it now while you can grab a Google Nest Hub Max for $40 off. Remember, that brings the price down on this essential part of your smart home from $229 to $189 and it’s only available while this Dell seasonal event lasts. Also, be sure to pick up some of the best smart home products of this year to round out your system.

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