Will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor be on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will follow Jedi Cal Kestis (and his loveable droid buddy, BD-1) five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Kestis will be attempting to stay one step ahead of the Empire’s constant pursuit as he continues to feel the weight of being one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy. We know this sequel is set to be a bit darker than its predecessor while still hitting that line between Dark Souls and Metroidvania thanks to complex Force puzzles, and, of course, intense lightsaber combat.

Survivor is set to launch tomorrow on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC, and it looks incredible. But if you haven’t upgraded to a current-gen console yet or are a dedicated Nintendo Switch gamer, you might be wondering if you’ll ever had a chance to play the next installment in the Star Wars Jedi story. Here’s what we know right now about whether Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One.

Will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor be on Nintendo Switch?

Cal Kestis.

Unfortunately, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not going to be making its way to the Switch. This comes as no surprise considering Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order avoided the Switch as well in 2019. The Switch may have gotten a slight upgrade with the OLED model that launched in 2021, but it still doesn’t have the raw power to handle a game like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The new game would surely be capped performance-wise due to the technical limitations of the Switch. Maybe the Nintendo Switch 2 will be able to handle games like this. We can only hope.

Will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor be on PS4 or Xbox One?

Jedi Cal Kestis.

The PS4 and Xbox One are in the exact same boat as the Switch. They simply don’t measure up to their current-gen counterparts in terms of processing power, and developers at EA, Respawn, and Lucasfilm Games did not want Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to be limited on last-gen consoles.

The game’s director, Stig Asmussen, has explained on numerous occasions that the development team wanted to enhance the game with larger maps, more detail, greater density, broader NPC variety, and overall fidelity — they didn’t want to be limited in any way by having to make compromises for the game to run on older consoles.

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