Erdenebat vs. Mercado: How to watch Ryan Garcia’s sparring partner tonight

Ceballo vs. Veron promo poster.

So here’s the drama: Before the Davis vs. Garcia fight, Gervonta Davis said he had a mole in Ryan Garcia’s camp and he knew Garcia had been injured. During the fight, Davis hit Garcia with a powerful shot to the ribs and liver, ending the fight. After the fight, Garcia seemed to acknowledge that the “mole” was real. But who was it?

A couple days after the fight, Garcia’s former sparring partner, Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, claimed in an Instagram post that he hit Garcia so hard during training he broke Garcia’s rib and sent him to the hospital. Could this have been the information leaked by the “mole” in Garcia’s camp? We can’t know for sure, but Erdenebat has since said that he was not the source of the leak and that he hopes to KO Gervonta Davis himself some day.

All of this could be elaborate hype for Erdenebat’s boxing match tonight. He fights Edy Valencia Mercado on the undercard of Brian Ceballo vs. Luis Alberto Veron tonight, April 27, at 7:30 p.m. ET. The fights will be broadcast exclusively on DAZN. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch boxing online tonight.

Full fight card:

  • Brian Ceballo vs. Luis Alberto Veron, 8 rounds, junior lightweight
  • Tsendbaatar Erdenebat vs. Edy Valencia Mercado, 8 rounds junior lightweight
  • Miyo Yoshido vs. Indeya Smith, 8 rounds, women’s junior bantamweight
  • Sydney Maccow vs. Christian Otero, 6 rounds, lightweight
  • Joshua David Rivera vs. Larry Fryers, 6 rounds, junior welterweight
  • David Lopez vs. Nelson Morales, 4 rounds, junior welterweight

How to watch Erdenebat vs. Mercado live stream on DAZN

What is DAZN

DAZN will be the exclusive streamer for tonight’s fights. Unfortunately there isn’t a DAZN free trial, so you’ll have to buy a subscription to see if Erdenebat’s left hook really could have broken Ryan Garcia’s ribs. DAZN costs $25 per month or $225 for a yearly subscription. With a subscription you’ll get access to several live fights per month, a discount on their PPV fights, and tons of on-demand content like replays and analysis. No boxing fan will regret that subscription.

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