This enclosed 3D printer is 50% off, and cheaper than you think

If you’ve been considering trying out 3D printing for a while, we’ve spotted one of the better 3D printer deals for making it more affordable. Over at Monoprice, you can buy the MP Voxel Pro Fully Enclosed 3D Printer for $450 instead of $900. Yup, that works out at 50% off so it’s far more affordable than before. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity, this could be it. There’s no guarantee how long the deal will last so here’s a quick overview of what it offers.

Why you should buy the MP Voxel Pro Fully Enclosed 3D Printer

Monoprice makes some of the best 3D printers around including the Monoprice Maker Select Mini and the Monoprice Maker Select Plus. The MP Voxel Pro Fully Enclosed 3D Printer is the latest in its Voxel range. It features a large 200 x 200 x 250mm build area so you can print larger models or multiple small models at the same time, thereby saving time. It’s fully enclosed with a HEPA air filter so you get a constant and controlled printing environment without dust or other airborne particles causing printing errors or irregularities.

Setting it up is conducted via its touchscreen user interface with Wi-Fi available too. You can use its built-in 720p camera for live print monitoring so you can see exactly how things are progressing at all times. It also has a filament compartment that is large enough to accommodate 5kg filament spools as well as the standard 1.5kg spools available to you. A removable quick-charge nozzle is convenient while a 9-point auto-calibration system ensures great results every time. It’s also possible to manually calibrate the distance between the nozzle and the build plate if you’d prefer as with other 3D printers.

Ideal for anyone who’s upgrading their 3D printer equipment or is diving into the fascinating world with both feet, the MP Voxel Pro Fully Enclosed 3D Printer is usually priced at $900. Right now, you can buy it for $450 at Monoprice so you save $450 aka 50% off the regular price. We don’t know how long this deal will last for so if it appeals, get straight to purchasing now before you miss out.

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