How to watch the free Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream

Manchester City vs Arsenal is a huge game in the closing stages of the English Premier League. Arsenal almost certainly have to beat Manchester City if they want to retain their hopes of winning the title this year. Whether that happens is anyone’s guess with Arsenal making some huge mistakes against Southampton last week. Whichever side you’re backing, you won’t want to miss this game when it kicks off at 3PM ET today. We’ve got all you need to know about how to watch the Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream including how to watch from abroad.

Watch the Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream on Peacock TV

Peacock TV home screen.
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Around half of the Premier League matches are available exclusively on Peacock TV and the Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream is one of them. The NBC-owned app isn’t as huge as other streaming services, but it’s very cheap and has the all-important Manchester City vs Arsenal game, along with other sports like WWE, golf, rugby, NFL, MLB and more. While there’s a free part of the service, you need Peacock Premium to watch Manchester City vs Arsenal. It costs either $5 per month for the ad-supported tier or $10 per month for the ad-free option. Either way, it’s pretty good value for money. While you’re signed up, check out the best shows on Peacock like Poker Face and Saturday Night Live, among many others.

Watch the Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream from abroad with a VPN

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If you regularly travel for work or pleasure, you’ve probably already noticed that your streaming service subscriptions don’t follow you in the way you anticipate. Some offer a limited supply of shows while others won’t work at all. To get Peacock to work while you’re abroad, you need to connect to it via one of the best VPNs. We recommend NordVPN as the best. Sign up for it, log into the app and pick a US-based server. From there, you can ‘trick’ your current internet connection into thinking you’re still back home in the US. That makes it a breeze to still watch the Manchester City vs Arsenal live stream no matter where you’re visiting. There isn’t a NordVPN free trial exactly, but you can rely on its 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service. We’re confident you’ll like it though as it’s great for flexibility while traveling, plus you benefit from extra security and privacy while browsing online.

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