How to get the Big Shot in Dead Island 2

Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2 are among the most powerful tools of destruction you can get your hands on. These come in a variety of types, but there’s only one that’s a revolver. The Big Shot is aptly named for just how much power this hand cannon is packing. Naturally, any Slayer will want to get their hands on it, but it isn’t quite as simple as finding some of the other weapons in the game. Here’s how you can become a big shot yourself by getting the Big Shot in Dead Island 2.

A zombie getting shot with an exploding bullet.

How to get the Big Shot

The major hurdle to getting the Big Shot in Dead Island 2 is that you can’t get it until you’ve already beaten the entire main campaign. While it is a bummer that you can’t use it to blast your way through the story, having it would make the game trivial, so its more of a nice reward than anything else.

Step 1: After beating the story, go to Emma’s house.

Step 2: Speak to Luciana to get the “It’s Not Your Fault” sidequest.

Step 3: Collect the note outside the sewers and head inside. You will need to find keys to unlock a series of seismographs.

Step 4: The first key you need to find is directly to your left when you enter Brentwood Sewer.

Step 5: The second key is past a dead scientist in the Venice Storm Tank.

Step 6: Head to the upper catwalks with the offices. The key is in the maintenance area.

Step 7: The final key is in the main storm tank in the lower area held by a seismologist zombie.

Step 8: After using each key on the seismographs, an earthquake will begin and send tons of zombies out.

Step 9: Escape back to the surface and go back to Luciana, who will reward you with the Big Shot Legendary revolver.

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