This HP 27-inch gaming monitor is under $200 with this deal

Cracked your old gaming monitor during spring cleaning or just plain tired of looking at the same tired pixels every day? We keep a close eye on gaming monitor deals and found this fun offering from HP. The HP X27c is a 27-inch curved gaming monitor that is now being sold for only $185. That is $75 off of its typical price of $260. It sounds incredibly cheap, and it is, but only in price. Because, if you know what to look for in a gaming monitor, it turns out the HP X27c has the stats for the job.

Why you should buy the HP X27c 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

The HP X27c is a gaming monitor for the efficiency nerd, the one that likes to brag about getting the most value out of the least work. Why? The HP X27c is all about stats and dollars, and especially so while it is on sale. With it, you get a full high-definition (1080p) screen, a 1ms response time, and 165Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync. Connect via DisplayPort or HDMI and even plug in your old school gaming headset via the 3.5 mm audio jack. The HP X27c also comes EyeSafe certified to keep your eyes feeling good after a bit of excess time with the screen. All for under $200 (while this sale lasts). There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles and there are fantastic gaming monitors with better stats, but few will provide the low price that this serviceable gaming monitor provides.

This price also makes the HP X27c one of the most accessible curved gaming monitors you can try. Perhaps more noticeable than boosted refresh rates past 200Hz, the curve allows your peripheral vision to pick up UI elements around the edge of your screen with more detail and clarity.

To grab your new HP X27c, follow the link to HP below. If you do, you’ll find the HP X27c going for $185, which is $75 below its usual sale price of $260. Then, consider making your gaming life even better through our selection of best gaming keyboards, which will provide you even more value for the dollar.

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