Take a ride on the Space Elevator

The Space Elevator website.
Neal Agarwal

Space Elevator is an intriguing website that lets you make a myriad of discoveries as you travel up from Earth’s surface.

Built by creative coder Neal Agarwal, the Space Elevator has a gorgeous, fun design that requires you to do only one thing: scroll up.

As you head toward the heavens, you’ll discover how the atmosphere gradually changes, and how this affects the wildlife and the kind of aircraft you might see.

An altimeter at the bottom of the page lets you see how far you’ve climbed, while a gauge at the top right lets you keep an eye on the changing temperature. And if you thought it simply becomes colder the higher you go, then be sure to keep one eye on the temperature as you head skyward.

Also, don’t be alarmed to find various wingless animals, such as the wild yak, apparently floating in midair, as Space Elevator is actually telling us the highest point that you’ll find these different creatures on the world’s mountains.

Space Elevator also has a music button too — you’ll find it beside the temperature display — so you can enjoy a soothing soundtrack as you head toward space.

Agarwal has been creating an array of fun and educational tools for a while now. He’s the guy responsible for Asteroid Launcher, which Digital Trends reported on at the end of last year.

Asteroid Launcher lets you launch an asteroid at Earth to see how much damage it’d cause if it was actually real. You can even select the asteroid’s size and composition, its speed and impact angle, and the precise spot where it strikes Earth.

Keen to make the tool as accurate as possible, Agarwal used data from scientific papers and built it into Asteroid Launcher‘s software.

The coder’s website also features a host of other fun offerings that you might want to try, among them Design the Next iPhone, Wonders of Street View, and The Auction Game.

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