How to find the heirloom sword in Dead Island 2

The first Lost and Found quest you’re likely to stumble upon in Dead Island 2 is the Clean and Snatch quest that promises to lead you to a stolen heirloom sword. We say it’s the most likely to be found first, but only because you can reach it fairly early in the story. This quest isn’t marked anywhere on your map, and unless you are seeking it out, you will probably pass it by. What’s worse is that this quest requires a lot of searching around based on not-so-helpful clues. While not all those who wander are lost, we’ll save you plenty of aimless walking around and help get you the heirloom sword in Dead Island 2.

Picking up a quest in a pool.

How to complete the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found quest

The Clean and Snatch quest can be picked up once you’re in Beverly Hills and get to Rikky’s house, where you’ll need to close some gates. Once the area is safe, check out the pool for a note. It will be on a crate in the water. From there, you will need to collect three more clues while following Obi around his pool cleaning route.

Step 1: The first pool to hit is directly north of your starting position. Climb over the wall and grab the phone on one of the deck chairs by the pool.

Step 2: Now, go back to Michael’s house and into his pool. The water is drained, so jump on down and pick the clue up off a toolbox.

Step 3: The last clue is the most dangerous to get. If you’re doing this quest around the time you reach this point in the story, the zombies you’re about to come across will be so far above your level that they will one-shot kill you. The location in question is due west from Rikki’s house and up on the hill. You’ll know its the right one because there are tons of toxic barrels and sludge all around. Sprint through the far back corner of this curved pool to grab the final clue on the edge.

Step 4: If you thought the first part of this quest was cryptic, your new objective is simply figuring out which pool belongs to Obi’s crush. Since you’ve been to almost every pool in town already, you might be tempted to just try the few remaining ones, but the pool in question isn’t even in Beverly Hills. You will actually need to head back to Bel-Air and go to the southernmost house known as the “GOAT Pen.”

A map showing the GOAT pen house.

Step 5: Once you reach this house, find the pool and spot the zombie named “Obi” and put him out of his misery.

Step 6: Pick up the set of keys he drops.

The electocutor's sword floating in a pool.

Step 7: Now, you can backtrack all the way to where you first started this quest and use the keys to pop open the crate. Inside will be the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword. We’re not sure how that counts as an “heirloom’ but it certainly packs a punch!

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