How to get the Finishing Touches achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

For those who want to go above and beyond as a student in Hogwarts Legacy, collecting all the achievements or trophies in the game will be your badge of honor. There are quite a few to earn, many involving collectibles and completing challenges, however there is one that may prove a bit more complicated than the rest. The Finishing Touches achievement is tricky due to it asking you to use specific attacks on every single enemy in the game. If that sounds overwhelming, fear not, as we will walk you through every step of how to get the Finishing Touches achievement in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the Finishing Touches achievement

A student waving a wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

The requirements for this achievement are to use Ancient Magic on every single enemy type in the game. Note that you simply need to hit them with it, not necessarily defeat them with it, which is merciful. Ancient Magic is used by filling up a meter by performing normal attacks and then pressing both shoulder buttons on your controller to unleash a powerful attack. You unlock this ability once you reach Hogsmeade early on in the main story.

There are a total of 38 enemies you need to use Ancient Magic on to get this achievement. Not every single enemy in the game counts toward this total, specifically enemies that only appear during story missions that can be missed. To help you keep track and locate the enemies you need to unleash your magic on, here’s a full list and where you can find them in the open world.

  1. Acromantula
    • Location: North Ford Bog Battle Arena
  2. Armored Troll
    • Location: Feldcroft Battle Arena
  3. Ashwinder Assassin
  4. Ashwinder Duelist
  5. Ashwinder Executioner
  6. Ashwinder Ranger
  7. Ashwinder Scout
  8. Ashwinder Soldier
  9. Cottongrass Dugbog
  10. Dark Mongrel
    • Location: Mongrel lairs or next to San Bakar’s Tower in the North Ford Bog region
  11. Fighter Troll
  12. Forest Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  13. Fortified Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  14. Great Spined Dugbog
  15. Inferius
    • Location: Can be found in Treasure Vaults, Catacombs, Dungeons, and Lairs
  16. Loyalist Assassin
  17. Loyalist Commander
  18. Loyalist Ranger
  19. Loyalist Sentinel
  20. Loyalist Warrior
  21. Mongrel
    • Location: Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Valley
  22. Mountain Troll
    • One can be found outside a vault located northeast of the Korrow Ruins
  23. Poacher Animagus and Wolf Form
    • Location: Bandit Camps — you must hit the Animagus in both forms.
  24. Poacher Duelist
  25. Poacher Executioner
  26. Poacher Ranger
  27. Poacher Stalker
  28. Poacher Tracker
  29. River Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  30. Stoneback Dugbog
  31. Thornback Ambusher
  32. Thornback Matriarch
  33. Thornback Scurriour
  34. Thornback Shooter
  35. Venomous Ambusher
    • Location: Feldcroft Battle Arena
  36. Venomous Matriarch
  37. Venomous Scurriour
  38. Venomous Shooter

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