Latest Apple Pencil is down to its cheapest-ever price

Someone using an Apple Pencil with the 10th Gen iPad.

After snagging one of the best daily deals, including a great deal on Apple’s iPad, you might consider some accessories to get with it. Besides a case or cover and a screen protector, all of which are more obvious, there’s one other incredibly useful add-on you’ll need — a stylus. Not only does a stylus make it easier to interact with the touchscreen, especially smaller hard-to-see screen elements, but you can also use it to draw, take notes, and much more. The best styluses come in many forms and work with a wide variety of platforms, but when it comes to Apple’s devices, the best stylus to pair with them is the Apple Pencil, Apple’s take on the modern writing utensil.

Right now, Amazon is offering the latest version of the Apple Pencil, 2nd Generation, for its cheapest price ever. Seriously, it’s never been this low before. Normally $129, you’re getting $40 off, but this Apple Pencil 2nd Gen deal brings the final price down to $89. It makes painting, doodling, note-taking, and sketching easier than ever on Apple devices. Grab that deal below or keep reading to learn what else the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen can do.

Why You Should Buy the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

Because it can be a little confusing, it’s always a good idea to read our guide on which Apple Pencil works with which iPad. You can also get a little help using iPadOS’s Scribble feature, which is incredibly useful when you have a stylus handy. Basically, it’s a great way to leave notes for yourself about onscreen content or reading, but you will need an Apple Pencil, either 1st Gen or 2nd Gen. Either way, this deal that offers the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen for cheaper than ever is the perfect time to get yourself ready to scribble.

At its core, the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is a stylus, like any other, except designed to Apple’s top-notch standards, and meant to be compatible with Apple’s products, namely the latest iPads. You can use it to sketch, doodle, take notes, write on various screens, paint, and much moree than that. Instead of using your finger, you use the stylus, which is essentially a tablet-ready pen. It won’t harm or scratch the screen as long as you’re gentle while using it. It magnetically attaches to the iPad, charging wirelessly too, and with a simple double tap — on the Pencil — you can change active tools, so it makes things so much easier to use and navigate on iPadOS.

The Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is compatible with the same model from our iPad Mini review (6th Gen), and the iPad Air review (5th and 4th Gen), as well as the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Gen), and the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gen). It connects with all of these models seamlessly, while offering imperceptible lag — it’s virtually nonexistent — and pixel-perfect precision whether sketching or interacting with onscreen elements. The Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is a must-have for creatives, and it brings a whole new experience to your iPad and compatible devices. You won’t be disappointed.

On a normal day, without this deal, you’d be paying $129 for the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. However, thanks to Amazon’s current discount, you’ll get $40 off, and instead, pay $89 with free shipping. You can’t beat that. No really, you can’t, it’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for this model of the Apple Pencil. Don’t sleep on this deal creatives!

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